Knut Gadd

Arctic Circle Cult diver black

5 000 kr

Call us crazy, but we have this belief that things have souls. For instance, we have this Omega that Knut Gadd himself wore in the screaming 60’s, and we swear, it still smells of cigars, leather and cologne and just wearing it makes us stand a little taller.

So, if watches truly have souls, then why not infuse their lives with some adventure before we hand them over to you?

The Cult Diver Arctic Edition, dubbed the coolest watch in the world, is a special edition Cult Diver. It’s been where no watch has been before – at the bottom of an Arctic Lake.

Sadly, the doors have now closed on this limited edition Cult Diver. But don’t fret, we’re planning new adventures, also limited editions, and all friends of Knut Gadd will be the first to know about these exclusive offerings. So stay tuned!



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